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DISH Satellite TV & Internet Sales Phone Number – 888-382-6543

DISH Phone Number

Call the toll free phone number of 888-382-6543 for new service with DISH.
Existing DISH Customers Call 800-333-3474.

DISH Flex Pack: A TV Package to suit your needs! Start with 50+ popular channels. Want more? Add Channel Packs like Local, Variety, Kids, Action, and News. Don’t watch? Don’t pay. $39.99/mo. Includes first Channel Pack of your choice. Guaranteed for 2 years. Free Premium Channels for 3 months Free Standard Professional Installation Free HD for Life. Call 888-382-6543 to Order.

A toll free phone number for DISH Satellite TV & Internet new service sales and quotes is 888-382-6543.

Existing Customers should call the toll free phone number of 800-333-3474 in regards to service on their existing accounts.

When calling the toll free phone number of 888-382-6543 for new service with DISH (DISH Network), you can bundle your satellite TV service along with internet. Living in any location in the USA and a number of its territories is no issue for the folks at DISH. All you have to do is call the toll free telephone number of 888-382-6543 and a courteous and professional DISH Adviser will help you with setting up the internet and/or TV satellite service that you need and/or crave. Your DISH adviser can help you right now, or anytime 24/7, with selecting the value package and programming that is right for you. NO special coupons are needed. Simply pick up your phone and call the toll free phone number of 888-382-6543 and get ready for great television and internet reception with the signal and bandwidth that you need. You can get your new satellite TV and/or internet service up and running as quickly as today, subject to availability. Just pick up your phone right now and your DISH Adviser will assist you in getting the details together for the right system to meet the needs of yourself, your family, and/or small business. NO need in having to surf around the internet looking for a coupon code or the like. This is a toll free phone number 888-382-6543, that you can call to the National DISH Sales Center where the Advisers have all the latest and best info on the most current money saving deals for internet ISP and satellite TV services from the folks at DISH. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call DISH for Satellite internet or home internet TV services at 888-382-6543.