Intuit Payment Network Phone Number

Intuit Payment Network Phone Number: 800-996-1491

Intuit Payment Network Toll Free Phone Number

To reach the QuickBooks Intuit Payment Network Toll Free Phone Number for Sales Customer Support call 800-996-1491.

Intuit (Quickbooks) Intuit Payment Network offers two options: one that works with the latest versions of QuickBooks, and an online, internet version which doesn’t require ownership of QuickBooks software. Both types have the following expansive features included:

*Instant paychecks
*Free direct deposit
*Automatic tax calculations
*Federal and State tax forms completed for you
*Click to electronically file and pay taxes
*Run payroll online via the internet anytime, any place or in QuickBooks
*Reminders when various taxes and forms are due
*Free live support from QuickBooks (Intuit) payroll experts
*Ability to print year-end W-2s quickly and easily
*Pay employees and contractors
*Run Intuit Payments from your iPad, iPhone or Android phone

Need more information? Interested in obtaining a free trial? Simply call the toll free 1800 phone number of 800-996-1491 for more information about what Intuit (QuickBooks) Intuit Payment Network can do for you. Get the latest pricing information or ask about the free trial offer. For best results call between the hours of 6 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri.

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